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Our practice has grown because of our patients' kind referrals and reviews. In this section of the website, we have combined all our reviews in one place for you to read through at your own pace. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Elliott and Dr. Summer Black have provided our community with many years of service, and have performed a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries and treatments for the face (facelift, rhinoplasty, BOTOX®, eyelid lift), body (tummy tuck, liposuction, body contouring surgeries), and breast (augmentation, implant revision, breast lift, and breast reductions). The team at Dr. Black Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery was selected for their concern for efficiency and a warm, dedicated attitude. We hope you agree. Many of our current and former patients share their personal stories and plastic surgery journey in this review section of our website.

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Review from T.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Sep 25, 2020

Excited to See - I'll keep you updated as the results appear, but I can at least review the actual process itself. Black's office is great, wait times are low, they're really nice and very real with what to expect. Dr. Black did a consultation and let me know I would be a great candidate for flank Sculpsure. She specified that Sculpsure works best on thinner women with isolated areas of fat. They were great to talk to and I immediately trusted them and was excited to get rolling, which is unusual for me because I've had a lot of unimpressive consults including for Coolsculpting. Less than a week later I had 2 applicators (or 1/2 a full panel) applied on each hip at the same time. They consulted me repeatedly on where exactly I wanted to be reduced on my hips so they could place appropriately. For me, I just wanted the overhanging "bumps" from my love handles to be reduced so that I didn't have double hips when I wear bodycon dresses. The treatment itself was supposed to be somewhat painful, but I took an Advil beforehand and found it uncomfortable but tolerable. Just when I would start to get close to hurting the machine would cycle back to cool. Afterward, they used a massager to dislodge the fat cells, which was uncomfortable but not painful. I was also told I could return to use this massage machine 3 times in the next couple of weeks for max effect. All told I was in and out in less than an hour and back at work feeling zero lingering pain.For aftercare, I will continue to massage the area and drink water. I will update with before/after photos when I have them, but I don't fully expect results until sometime after my second session 12 weeks from now. Nonetheless, the process was nothing to be upset about so if you're worried about pain, take a couple of Advil before like I did!Updated on 24 Oct 2019:I just finished the last post-Sculpsure massage treatment which I'm excited about. The massage treatment is pretty painful but is so fast. I still have no noticeable bruising or soreness unless massaging the area which is great.Updated on 20 Nov 2019:Interestingly today I put on a bodycon dress, the same one that would have bothered me 8 weeks ago, and wasn't really bothered by my love handles. I could still see a slight curve like before, so it's not very visible, but then I noticed my love handles FEEL different to the touch a little bit, and I don't feel them fold over on my waist when I slouch. All small differences, but I also found myself wondering if I wanted/needed a second treatment if my love handles aren't bothering me now. Maybe I'll do my stomach instead? Or maybe both. I will keep updated when I get before/afters and whether I do the second treatment.Updated on 24 Jan 2020:12 weeks post! I decided to do only one love handle treatment because I didn't want to risk overdoing it or change the shape of my body. I have yet to see the before/afters but I'm fairly sure there's been a slight but appreciated change that only I would notice. So far I would say "worth it" since I didn't need a major change, but I would recommend a different procedure to anyone who would. Since I decided against my second flank treatment, I did a lower abdomen treatment instead. I did right under my belly button, but the person treating me pushed for one right above too, two devices total. The one on the bottom hurt a bit, but the one on my upper abs I felt absolutely nothing at all, making me suspicious that it didn't work properly. I was definitely a bit annoyed that the treatment area was pushed on me and I may not even have had enough fat there to treat or the device wasn't fit properly. I may seek a refund/redo on that area. It's now been a few days and under my belly button is still quite sore when I massage it, there's a little bump which I'm not too worried about. Over my belly button I felt absolutely no tenderness. More

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