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Our practice has grown because of our patients' kind referrals and reviews. In this section of the website, we have combined all our reviews in one place for you to read through at your own pace. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Elliott and Dr. Summer Black have provided our community with many years of service, and have performed a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries and treatments for the face (facelift, rhinoplasty, BOTOX®, eyelid lift), body (tummy tuck, liposuction, body contouring surgeries), and breast (augmentation, implant revision, breast lift, and breast reductions). The team at Dr. Black Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery was selected for their concern for efficiency and a warm, dedicated attitude. We hope you agree. Many of our current and former patients share their personal stories and plastic surgery journey in this review section of our website.

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Review from T.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Dec 06, 2019

Finally - I’ve been unhappy with my body for so many years, but when I entered my fifties things really took a turn for the worse. I’m a wife, mom of 2, grand mom of 3, am 52, 5’1”, 120 pounds and I’m very physically active. I hit the gym 3-5 times per week - mostly cardio - and of course none of that work could fix my low lying breasts or the loose, stretch marked skin on my flabby looking stomach. As we ladies do, there have been conversations between friends about wish lists. You know, if I could have anything done what would it be? Dr. Eileen Summer Black’s name came up quite a few times, as some of my friends had already had their wish lists fulfilled, and Dr. Black seemed to be well loved by all. I decided to go for it. I spoke to my wonderful husband, who by the way, thinks the whole idea of cosmetic surgery is crazy, and he was supportive even if he didn’t get it. My mom agreed to help me out at home while I recovered too. I met with Dr. Black and we made plans to do a breast lift without implants, a tummy tuck with muscle repair, and Lipo. My surgery was scheduled for 12/3. It’s now 12/6 and I’m 3 days out. I showered for the first time yesterday and as it was the first time I’ve taken off my post surgery bra, I finally saw my boobs. Wow, talk about perky! They are sitting high and are still swollen so I’m sure there will he changes in the coming months. I still have surgical tape on my TT incision and the drain is there as well. From what I can see my tummy is very swollen so I’m not making any judgements yet. Dr. Black has been wonderful. She’s checked in with me even though she’s on a family vacation. Seriously - her office is amazing. Everyone there is kind and compassionate. I do want to mention the pain. There has been absolutely no pain from my breast lift. And I’m serious - NONE. Now my stomach is another animal altogether. Yeow!! The pain is real. Luckily Dr. Black uses exparel to numb you up post surgery. It lasted about 48 hours then the fun began. I feel like a big baby. I knew there would be pain, but had no idea what it would feel like. It’s bad. I stopped taking prescription pain meds after the first day and am taking extra strength Tylenol now. As I still haven’t had a BM I just don’t want to make that any worse. I’ll be taking Miralax this morning and I’ll move around a little more today. I’ll post again soon. Also, thanks to all you wonderful ladies who’ve posted your experiences! More

Review from N.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  Aug 31, 2018

When I first went for my consult with Dr. Summer Black, I immediately knew she would be my surgeon. Her interaction immediately put me at ease in exhibiting my body and gave me confidence in my decision to have a tummy tuck (age 64). Her care was diligent, including an overnight stay at the surgery center and access to her cell number. She called me post surgery and maintained regular check ups until discharged. Her staff is professional and caring as well. I highly recommend Dr. Black! More

Review from D.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  May 22, 2018

I had a wonderful experience. - Dr. Black is simply a wonderful doctor. I wanted a tummy tuck for the past 20 years, but never actually thought I would ever go through with it until I met Dr. Black. Dr. Black and her staff were so calming and reassuring. She simply made all the fears and worries I had about going through with this surgery go away. I could not be more pleased with my results. My incision is flawless, and... More

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